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wildlife control removal squirrel buffalo erie county
raccoon skunk woodchuck squirrels removal control damage erie buffalo
buffalo raccoon removal raccoon control williamsville erie county
Skunk removal skunk control skunk trapper buffalo Williamsville erie county
Squirrel removal squirrel control squirrel trapper attic buffalo Williamsville erie county
Woodchuck removal woodchuck control buffalo williamsville erie county groundhog
Mole control lawn damage tunnels hills buffalo  williamsville erie county
Opossum removal opossum control under porch garage williamsville buffalo
Chipmunk removal chimpmunk control  buffalo williamsville erie county
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About Us Cayuga Creek Nuisance Wildlife Removal
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Specializing in the safe and humane removal and control of all nuisance Wildlife.

We Service all of Western      New York


We are Licensed by the New York State Department of Enviromental Conservation, and fully insured.


Skunks are not a welcome addition to anyone's family. Cayuga Creek Nuisance Wildlife Removal is the Buffalo area leader in skunk removal, skunk control, and skunk trapping in the greater Buffalo, and Erie county area. We know skunks, where they den, where the feed, their mating habits and travel habits. If skunks are living under your porch, under your deck, or under your shed, give us a call. Don't let Pepe Le Pew ruin your outdoor plans, we can safetly remove nuisance skunks, and offer long term solutions, so skunks never stink up your plans again.

The striped skunk is found throughout New York State. It typically ranges in size from 20 to 30 inches long, including a 10 to 15 inch tail. Their weight can range from 6 to 12 pounds. Skunks can commonly reach densities of 50 animals per square mile. In suburban areas skunks commonly den under porches, steps, patios, decks, barns and sheds.

Signs of there presence:

Visual sighting of the animal. Although nocturnal skunks are frequently seen at dawn and dusk.

Skunk tracks are small and will show all five toes with a smooth palm and pads.

Skunk odor is the most common sign of skunk presence. Skunks emit a nauseating, strong, penetrating musk. Skunk odor sticks to water vapor, meaning during times of heavy dew, or rain, skunk smell will intensify.

Skunks commonly damage lawns while foraging for grubs. They will dig small 3-4 inch holes while feeding and can cause extensive lawn damage in the process.

Skunks can spray between 10 and 15 feet. Prior to spraying skunks normally display signs of aggravation, such as turning away from its aggressor and stomping its front feet. Skunks will turn their body in a U shape when spraying so they can see what they are spraying.  


Serving Erie County, Niagara County, Wyoming County, Genesse County. Including Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Sloan, Alden, Attica, Akron, Lancaster, Depew, Hamburg, Angola, West Seneca, Blasdell, Boston, Lackawanna, Elma, Marilla, Wales, East Aurora, Orchard Park, Clarence, Colden, Lake View, Newstead, Sloan, Evans, Williamsville, Amherst, Niagara Falls, Tonawanda, Kenmore, Grand Island, Eden, Holland, Pembroke, Medina, Darien, Alexander, Java, Batavia, Warsaw, Bennington, Orangeville, Perry, Sheldon, Strykersville, Bergen, Corfu, Elba, Oakfield, Gasport, Middleport, Lockport, Wheatfield, and all points in between.

Cayuga Creek Nuisance Wildlife Removal
4525 Mack Rd
Gasport, NY 14067 
Phone: 716-903-0758


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