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buffalo raccoon removal raccoon control williamsville erie county
Skunk removal skunk control skunk trapper buffalo Williamsville erie county
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Mole control lawn damage tunnels hills buffalo  williamsville erie county
Opossum removal opossum control under porch garage williamsville buffalo
Chipmunk removal chimpmunk control  buffalo williamsville erie county
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About Us Cayuga Creek Nuisance Wildlife Removal
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Specializing in the safe and humane removal and control of all nuisance Wildlife.

We Service all of Western      New York


We are Licensed by the New York State Department of Enviromental Conservation, and fully insured.


Moles are common throughout New York State. In the western part of the State the Starnose mole (pictured to the left) and the hairy tail mole are most common.  They are typically 5 to 6 inches long and weigh up to 5 ounces. The nose on the starnose mole is made up of fleshy points, and is an obvious identifying feature of the animal.

Signs of the presence:

Visible, moles live almost exclusively underground and are rarely seen.

Molehills are cone-shaped piles of soil, that are usually a few inches in height, and up to a foot in length. These piles of dirt are created as a mole tunnels deeper and moves dirt up to the surface and out of its way.  These unsightly piles of dirt can be created in great numbers.

Tunnels, moles can create extensive damage to lawns by tunneling in there never ending search for food.

Moles are very commonly confused with voles, and moles usually get the blame for eating plant bulbs and shrubs. This is not the case, moles are strict carnivorous with earthworms and grubs being their favorite food. Moles will eat 70 to 100% of its body weight daily. Due to its intake needs moles can dig 18 feet and hour, and can average over 100 feet a day.

The damage to your lawn or garden may lead you to believe that it is full of moles when only 1 or 2 of these busy guys are there.  Moles prefer wet to moist soil, because the availably of earthworms and grubs are greater than in dry areas.

Serving Erie County, Niagara County, Wyoming County, Genesse County. Including Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Sloan, Alden, Attica, Akron, Lancaster, Depew, Hamburg, Angola, West Seneca, Blasdell, Boston, Lackawanna, Elma, Marilla, Wales, East Aurora, Orchard Park, Clarence, Colden, Lake View, Newstead, Sloan, Evans, Williamsville, Amherst, Niagara Falls, Tonawanda, Kenmore, Grand Island, Eden, Holland, Pembroke, Medina, Darien, Alexander, Java, Batavia, Warsaw, Bennington, Orangeville, Perry, Sheldon, Strykersville, Bergen, Corfu, Elba, Oakfield, Gasport, Middleport, Lockport, Wheatfield, and all points in between.

Cayuga Creek Nuisance Wildlife Removal
4525 Mack Rd
Gasport, NY 14067 
Phone: 716-903-0758


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